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February 9, 2006

Ask Google: Python Web Framework Statistics

Filed under: rails, python, development, plone, django — Jason Huggins @ 10:31 am
search-term web groups blog
python zope 8,920,000 20,700 2,294 9
python plone 2,730,000 2,420 784 2
python twisted 2,010,000 14,500 1,396 4
python subway 714,000* 2,380* 626 4
python aquarium 659,000* 4,340* 505 7
python django 543,000 2,660 1,055 0
python turbogears 363,000 1,600 623 0
python cherrypy 250,000 2,420 391 1
python quixote 236,000 1,240 211 1
python pylons 111,000 593 23 0
python webware 107,000 929 126 0
python karrigell 70,500 166 91 0
python myghty 45,700 82 59 0
python skunkweb 40,100 165 38 0
python 25,900 98 93 0
python snakelets 901 89 28 0
search-term web groups blog
ruby rails 11,500,000 10,100 21,266 13
java struts 8,350,000 43,200 14,373 47
perl catalyst 1,780,000 7,120 1,131 1
perl mason 1,170,000 9,870 532 5
java webwork 970,000 924 1,134 5

Update: 1) added Karrigell 2) Changed “webpy” to “” and updated results (see comments).

This was quick, manual work, spending some quality time at Ye Ol’ Google. Would someone like to build an interactive, real-time, database driven website for this stuff? Kind of like NetCraft, but just for Python web frameworks. :-) My personal favorite would be to build this in Django, but I’m sure those catnipped TurboGearHeads will beat me to the bunch. ;-) I might actually try to do this in Zope 3.2, just because I’ve been convinced (see below) to give it another try by some very nice people.

Ironically “python aquarium” got *lots* of hits… apparently lots more people put real pythons in real aquariums, not the software kind. And for “python subway”, I’m sure there lots of stories about huge snakes in the New York subway system.

And yes, my categories were a little arbitrary (Plone is built on Zope, which is now on Twisted, TurboGears is built on CherryPy, Pylons is built with Myghty, etc.)

I have a sneaky suspicion that Pylons and Myghty are “rising stars”, so some trend statistics would be nice to see the delta on these stats over time.

Yes, I left out PHP, on purpose.

For some exits, please read the following 3 posts:

“Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Web Framework”

“Zope, flames and the Koolaid remark”

And this great comment sent to me on why Zope 3 deserves a seat at the table.

Peace, Love, and Pythonically Yours,
- Jason

P.S. I eagerly await the “But you forgot framework X!” comments. If your pet framework was missed, sorry! I’ll go back to check Guido’s (now epic) post on frameworks to search for more framework names.

5 Responses to “Ask Google: Python Web Framework Statistics”

  1. Felipe Says:

    There’s more Zope than Struts?! Here in my town I never heard of anyone using Zope, but Struts I always hear someone saying something…

  2. Zoom.Quiet Says:

    Karrigell is also great python web app. framework!

  3. Jason Huggins Says:

    I’ll add Karrigell… here are the stats for it:

    web: 70,500
    groups: 166
    blog: 91 books: 0

  4. Jason Huggins Says:

    Hmmm… I think I should have searched for “webpy” to “”… web search results go from the (surprisingly bottom basement - 803) to the (*next* to bottom basement) value of 25,900. (Sorry, Snakelets.) Searching for “” in groups search goes from 28 to 98, blog search from 29 to 93… And I won’t bother rechecking the book count. ;-)

  5. Graham Dumpleton Says:

    Not a web framework in the way that people generally talk about the term, but you probably should include mod_python.

    Search term: mod_python

    web: 2,530,000
    groups: 4,450

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