Software Released by the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange

The MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange has developed the following open source software packages.

We welcome inquiries about software development projects past, present, and future. In particular, if you are looking for fabrication lab management/documentation system customized for your needs, please contact us.

Web and other tools
Durus offers an easy way to maintain a consistent persistent collection of object instances used by one or more processes. This is the object database that we use with Dulcinea applications.
Qpy is a new tool for generating HTML.
QP is a new site management package for web applications that use Durus and Qpy.
A simple but powerful Web development framework for Python programmers.
Dulcinea is a collection of modules useful for developing applications with Quixote and the Durus.
A unit testing framework for Python.
Instrument-related tools
Remote Microscope
The Remote Microscope is a client/server system for remote access to a semiconductor inspection microscope.
PXC200 Support for PIL
The pxc200 module adds support for the ImageNation PXC-200 frame grabber to the Python Imaging Library, using Alessandro Rubini's driver for Linux.
secs_i.py is an implementation of the SEMI Equipment Control Standard I, written for the Remote Microscope system but useful separately.