Apple Service Programs

AppleCare offers a range of products and service programs designed for individuals, institutions, businesses, resellers, and service providers. The table below summarizes the types of products and programs that are available.

Apple Service Programs Individuals Institutions
and Businesses
Resellers and
Service Providers
AppleCare Products
iOS Direct Service Program
Self-Servicing Account Program
Apple Authorized Service Provider Program

Note: Institutions include education, government, and non-profit organizations; universities and colleges are also eligible to participate in the Apple Service Provider program.

AppleCare Products

AppleCare products and services are designed to meet the needs of individuals, education, and businesses. In addition, there are numerous online resources within the AppleCare Support website that provide valuable information and instruction. Learn More.

iOS Direct Service Program

The iOS Direct Service Program provides access to Apple’s online service portal, enabling organizations to save time by directly ordering a replacement iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or in-box accessory at their service location. Learn More.

Self-Servicing Account Program

Apple's Self-Servicing Account program is designed for institutions and businesses that want the convenience of repairing their own products. Self-Servicing Accounts must have an installed base of at least 50 Apple computers, are permitted to repair only the products they own or lease, and may not perform repair work for third parties.

Organizations that fulfill the minimum requirements of the program can use Apple's online systems to quickly and easily accomplish the following:

In addition, Self-Servicing Accounts that maintain Apple Certified Technicians on staff can perform more intricate Covered Repairs. Learn More.

Apple Authorized Service Provider Program

The Apple Service Provider program is designed for companies interested in offering service to Apple customers, whether they are consumers, businesses, educational institutions or government organizations. Authorized Apple Resellers and businesses that specialize in service, but do not resell Apple finished goods products, are both able to apply for Apple Service Provider authorization. Universities and colleges may apply for Service Provider authorization to deliver repair services to their students. Educational institutions who wish only to repair their own equipment should apply to the Self-Servicing Program. All repairs covered under warranty must be performed by Apple-certified technicians.

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