$ jumprun_

A unix command-line tool for running scripts from any directory in terminal, It allows you to do it from any directory buy making shortcuts. At the current moment Perl 5, Ruby and Python interpreters are supported.


This tool is strictly for UNIX based OS.


It can be installed using PyPi, $ pip install jumprun.


This tool makes use of docopt and termcolor


  jr add <name> <filename>
  jr rm [<name>] [--all]
  jr show [--f]
  jr rename <oldname> <newname>
  jr <name>
  jr -h | --help
  jr --version

  add           Add a new shortcut
  rm            Delete a shortcut
  rename        Rename a shortcut
  show          List all shortcuts

  -h --help     Show this screen.
  --version     Show version.
  --all         Delete all shortcuts from the database
  --f           Fetch all shortcut names along with file names
  • Add a python shortcut with, $ jr add NAME file.py
  • Run the script from any dir in terminal using, $ jr NAME
  • Refresh the entire db with, $ jr rm --all
  • Delete a specfic shortcut with, $ jr rm NAME
  • Rename a shortcut with, $ jr rename OLDNAME NEWNAME
  • List all shortcuts with $ jr show
  • $ jr --help for more details


For running the unittests, $ python test_jumprun.py


  • Add support for shell scripts
  • The code is entirely procedural, so yeah!


Jumprun is distributed under MIT license, see LICENSE for more details.