Yip is an attempt to resolve that frustration and create a beautiful and feature rich alternative.
Here is an article I wrote about yip on medium.com


  • configurable: every option can be set either explicitly or in a config file
  • looks better: with saner result formatting and coloring (which you can turn off)
  • supports regex: one of the caveat of pip search is the lack of regex support
  • more info: apart from the description it can show you the package size, date of last upload, homepage url or package license
  • limits results: want only the 10 most relevant result? No problem!

See it in action

yip in action


Normal search:

yip <name of package>

Normal search with size and license information:

yip <name of package> -size -license

Regex search with the homepage of the package:

yip <regex search query> -regex -homepage

Normal search with the 10 most relevant results:

yip <name of package> -limit 10

List of flags


shows the upload date of the latest version


shows the size in a human readable format


shows the license of the package


shows the homepage (if has any) of the package

-limit <number>

limits to the most relevant result


allows you to use regex in your search query important: if you use this flag, it will only search in the title, and not in the summary or in the keyword and you cannot combine it with the -limit flag

Config file usage

If you want to make some flags default, or automatically sudo install or turn off th colors you can use a config file for that. You have to create a .yiprc file in your home directory and paste the example config from this repo. It is heavily commented and lists all the options you can set. You have to include or the options or it won't work!


  • OS-wise: Developed and tested on Linux however it should work on OSX
  • software-wise: Python 3, pip and request(will switch to xmlrpc, this is only temporary)


  • License can be found in LICENSE.txt
  • Suggestions and pull requests are very welcome! :)
  • If you encounter any bug or have any questions you can post it here or send an e-mail to balazs.saros@gmail.com