Awesome Python Talks

An opinionated list of awesome videos related to Python, with a focus on training and gaining hands-on experience.

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Being Pythonic

Writing pythonic code in good style, and for humans…

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The New Era

Python 3 and other ‘modern’ and/or exciting stuff…


Architecture & Software Design


  • The Clean Architecture in Python [50 min, PyOhio 2014, slides] – Applying Clean Architecture (a/k/a Hexagonal Architecture) to your Python code, making it more functional, for easier testing and comprehension.




  • pytest: rapid and simple testing with Python [40 min, PyCon US 2012] – Overview of the py.test tool for rapid and simple test authoring, introducing common testing terms, basic examples and unique pytest features like reporting for humans and dependency injection.

Build Tools & Automation

  • TODO Paver, doit, buildout, …

Releasing & Packaging

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  • devpi: driving packaging and testing needs [55 min, PyCon DE 2013] – Introduction to devpi (shortly before the 1.2 release), which is a private PyPI server, a self-updating package cache, and a work-flow for uploading, testing and installing packages backed by tools.
  • Grug make fire! Grug make wheel! [27 min, PyCon AU 2014] – A look back at the confusing history of packaging in Python, how things got better and lead to today's formats and tools for releasing Python code.
  • Python Packaging — A Zeitgeist [16 + 4 min, PyCon 2014] — A look at the current state of PyPI and related tooling (still applicable in 2016), and what's to come (PyPI 2.0 and metadata 2.0).
  • Shipping Software To Users With Python [41 + 4 min, PyCon 2016] — glyph talks about building Python code into something a user can use.
  • Reliably Distributing Compiled Modules [26 + 5 min, PyCon 2016] — Sort-of continues glyph's talk: what happens when you mix in CPython extensions.

DevOps with Python

  • TODO fabric, Salt, Ansible, …

Scientific Python

All about data science with Python…

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