An in-depth tutorial for Leo IDE/PIM

Quick Overview of Leo

Watch the slide shows at the link below to get a hang of what Leo can do

Leo in the News

Excerpt from the article by Chris George

Outliners impose structure on documents. Sadly, they can also impose structure on our thinking, making creativity a lot harder. Leo is different. Instead of imposing structure, it allows you to impose your own infrastructure, and then be as creative as you want. This brings the necessary chaos of creativity to heel when it is time to produce the document. The node structure creates ultimate flexibility when it comes to ordering scenes in chapter. Say good-bye to copy and paste and hello to drag and drop.

Summary of the article

First off the manual installation of all the dependencies for running Leo is explained. Then the configuration system in Leo is briefly explained. Finally the process of creating buttons by inclusing reusable code sections is explained.

Scripting Leo

The power of Leo is accentuated by its integrated scripting ecosystem using Python and Qt. Each outline becomes a living and breathing document with its own behavior and user interface.