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{Stack Overflow 之提问篇}
{RESTful} ;Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures ;精读《REST, GraphQL, Webhooks, & gRPC 如何选型》 [REST设计] ;Google 开源多语言、跨平台加密开发库 Tink,数据加密不再难! ;Tink ;Httpwd.py ;2018:Py开源项目 Top30 | 值得收藏 ;介绍 Flashback,一个互联网模拟工具 ;Checklist for Python libraries APIs ;走向无后端的系统开发实践:CRUD自动化与强约定的REST接口 [GraphQL] ;Representational state transfer [API Star] [Asyncio.py] [REST 客户端] [pyRESTful] ;The Website Obesity Crisis ;网站的肥胖症危机 ;Context, context, context ;我爱超链接 ;超链接没落,网址沉没,看不见的URL繁荣 ;Introduction to Service Worker [WebSocket] ;Server-sent Events和 websocket [SSE (Server-Sent Events)] [JSON] ;REST,让 web 变得更美好! [REST新闻] [REST理解] [RESTful实施] [PYRO] [REST框架] [RESTful案例] [RESTful 服务]
{Shell Style Guide}
{GUI.py} [Flexx] ;7 Top Python GUI Frameworks for 2017 [GUI Testing] ;Python GUI ;Python GUI programming platforms for Windows [PyQt] ;Crash reporting in desktop Python applications ;Desktop entry creator [PySimpleGUI] [Kivy] [pyglet] [PyGame] [Tkinter] ;桌面开发者的界面故事,该醒醒了 [Toga] [RemI]
{matplotlib -> PyQt} ;Python Plotting With Matplotlib (Guide) [macOS RuntimeError...] ;Embed Matplotlib in PyQt with multiple plot [plot size/positioning] ;在PyQt4中使用matplotlib ;展示 PyQt5 结合 matplotlib 时,如何显示其 NavigationToolbar。 [animation.Matplotlib] ;Python-GUI-examples ;Qt4 et Matplotlib - Exemple complet ;Matplotlib: qt with ipython and designer ;PyQt5 Matplotlib ;How to use matplotlib with PyQt4 ;user_interfaces example code: embedding_in_qt4.py ;How to plot on my GUI ;matplotlib with PyQt GUIs ;https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eliben/code-for-blog/master/2009/qt_mpl_bars.py ;PyQT4 Tutorials [doc.Matplotlib] ;Matplotlib
{WebApp.py} ;Vanilla python chat server ;How performant is your Python web application [WEBpy::0days] ;开发环境中将线上路径映射到本地路径的方法 [MicroFrameworks] [tornado] [qutebrowser.org] [Zappa] [Django] ;Python FAQ: Webdev ;Python frameworks' benchmarks ;Python's Web Framework Benchmarks [写个web服务器] [ASGI 体系] [Asyncio.py 面向异步] [WSGI体系] ;Snakefooding Python Code For Complexity Visualization [思考PyWeb应用] ;Web App Checklist ;Web Application Development Checklist & Best Practices ;Web开发中需要了解的东西 | 酷壳 - CoolShell.cn ;Dusty's Diverse Domain » Blog Archive » Why we need Python in the Browser [Py网络开发tips] ;What is a Web Framework? ;Viva La Chipperfish » Ask Google: Python Web Framework Statistics ;15个最受欢迎的Python开源框架 - 博客 - 伯乐在线 ;平台技术综合-Alternative Components [Py模板系统] [PyWeb中间件] [PyWeb框架] [鲁班(Luban)整体解决] [SCGI] [FastCGI] [Pyramid]
{Jupyter} ;Installing Python Packages from a Jupyter Notebook ;How to Grow Neat Software Architecture out of Jupyter Notebooks [REPL Read–eval–print loop] ;macOS升级后Jupyter Notebook报错解决 ;如何让Jupyter Notebook支持多种编程语言? ;如何在Jupyter Notebook中使用Python虚拟环境? ;Microsoft Azure Notebooks ;那些在线的Jupyter [Reveal.js - Slideshow] ;Jupyter, Mathematica, and the Future of the Research Paper ;Jupyter notebooks as Markdown documents, Julia, Python or R scripts ;为Jupyter Notebook添加目录 ;Jupyter notebook extensions [Jupyter 为服务] ;如何搭建一个好看的jupyter环境。 [IPython] [IPyNB 插件] [IPython Notebook] ;Five Tips To Get You Started With Jupyter Notebook ;Making publication ready Python Notebooks [Jupyter News] ;five-minute guide to setting up a Jupyter notebook server [Jupyter 快捷键] ;Quickstart [Jupyter 生态] ;Advanced Jupyter Notebook Tricks — Part I ;Advanced Jupyter Notebook Tricks — Part I [Jupyter 101] ;Making simple Python wrapper kernels
{Awesome Python Talks}
{Awesome Python Awesome}
{kennethreitz * for Humans} [Py格式化字符串] [should=>20 Py libraries] [Hitchhiker's Guide to Python] [CPyUG推广] ;8 个用于业余项目的优秀 Python 库 | Linux 中国 [Import ?] ;csv-position-reader [py.zip] ;10 common security gotchas in Python and how to avoid them ;你用 Python 写过哪些牛逼的程序/脚本? [pyscheduler ~ 定期任务] ;Requests-HTML: HTML Parsing for Humans™ ;10 Python Interview Questions You need to know ;Livepython ;DOP~面向文档编程的正确姿势 ;Python cryptography cheatsheet ; Parsing In Python: Tools And Libraries ;never gives up: the tenacity library ;pydantic ;陷阱!python参数默认值 ;Excel Columns to List Indexes in Python ;利用 Python + Selenium 实现对页面的指定元素截图(可截长图元素) ;Simple Guide for Python Packaging ;Designing Modules in Python [ebook] [Say Thanks] ;Chattie <- Hubot ;Legit: Git for Humans ;Records: SQL for Humans™ [Maya: Datetime for Humans™] ;reprint reprint [Debuggers.py] ;FuckIt.py ;About Python Module of the Week ;Ned Batchelder: Loop Like A Native ;你可能不知道的10大 python 库 ;20 Python libraries you can’t live without ;Pendulum 日期处理 ;datedelta ;Yip is an attempt to resolve that frustration and create a beautiful and ;Improving and extending the search functionality of Python’s pip ;netifaces ~ IP 自省 [Tapioca] [peewee 更佳DRM] ;Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python ;pandasql: Make python speak SQL ;Python cheatsheet! ;Validr ;Unfurl ;What is fbtftp? ;PostMail ;pygogo: a Python logger with super powers [@nedbat] [GeoViews] [attrs] [dill] ;Python Prompt Toolkit [affirm 更好的断言] ;pytablewriter ;Gifmail ;Autoenv: Directory-based Environments [Tablib 多范式结构数据管理] ;How to use Envoy, Envoy: Python Subprocesses for Humans. ;Envoy: Python Subprocesses for Humans. ;Welcome | Legit (Git Workflow for Humans) ;Legit: Git for Humans
{Awesome Python}
{Pythonic} ;Pythonic到底是什么玩意儿? [字典排序 sort a dict by its values] ;Why MIT now uses python instead of scheme for its undergraduate CS program [Python反直觉案例] ;Python's globals [Code Like a Pythonista] ;The flat success path [Be Pythonic] ;2018:Py开源项目 Top30 | 值得收藏 [logging~日志] ;2017 年 Python 领域值得关注的 5 个库、工具和开发者 [2Py3] ;Python奇技淫巧 [我想要的Py] [@wklken] [@廖雪峰] [Effective给力Py] [Queue] ;你真的会python嘛? [_Standard Library] [__future__] ;How to become a Python coder at a top hedge fund, by the co-CTO of Man A ;abc — Abstract Base Classes [collections] ;Python最佳实践指南! ;Python Packaging 编年史 [Lazy~惰性计算] ;Git操作小结 ;The Elements of Programming Style (编程风格的元素)读书总结 - xuzhezhaozhao的专栏 - 博客频道 ;The Elements of Programming Style (编程风格的元素)读书总结_「电脑玩物」中文网我们只是「电脑玩物」 - [functools] ;TOP 10 PYTHON IDIOMS I WISH I'D LEARNED EARLIER [OOPy] ;Remap: Nested Data Multitool for Python ;Baby's First Garbage Collector [Py理解集注] ;Pythonic Info [FAQ.Pythonic] ;Unpythonic Python [Py隐技] [Py杂感] [AST 模块] [Py版本探险] ;Python Presentations ;大量小文件的实时同步方案 ;应用Py解决实际问题~删除/图片/matlab
{pocoo.org} ;About Me ;Talks ;Projects [click @pocoo] [Requests] [Pallets] [Lektor] ;Project Hub [Zine] [Fire @google] [Pocoo 文化]
{Py在CLI} [Clint] [G: Fire] [CLI.py] [py.交互参数] ;Enlighten Progress Bar is a console progress bar module for Python. (Yes [tqdm 更快的进度条] [Py Progress Bars 进度条] [Twilio] ;PyHipku [prettytable] ;$ jumprun_ [pythonpy] ;Command-line Applications ;最近在用 Python 做一个 CLI 程序 ;Using Python to create UNIX command line tools [x/84] [Cement] [clirunner] ;cli — command line tools [Py4SA] ;可爱的 Python -- curses 编程 [py4Ncurses] [wcurses] [urwid] ;cage
{Leo} [LeoVue] ;An in-depth tutorial for Leo IDE/PIM ;Leo’s Cheat Sheet [LeoNews] [E.K.R] ;Leonine World [Leo 协作] ;Basics of Leo [Leo 101] ;Leo's Home Page ;LeoWiki ;Leo: a programmer's editor & more - Browse /Leo at SourceForge.net [Leo在mac] ;Leo (text editor) [Literate programming] ;A Tutorial Introduction to Leo [LeoDoc] [LSP] [Leo Vue] [Leo4Net] [LeoPlugins] [devLeo] ;Icons for Leo
{PyCharm} ;live-py-plugin ;Live Coding in Python [PyCharm 新闻] ; PyCharm IDE and Python Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA [PyCharm 用实] [PyCharm 101] ;Getting Started with PyCharm. Exploring the IDE comm prof
{Learn X in Y Minutes: Scenic Programming Language Tours}
{DSL.py} [Build Your Own Lisp] ;编译原理之词法分析 [PLY (Python Lex-Yacc)] ;编译器与解释器 [PyPy 编写解释器] ;90分钟实现一门编程语言——极简解释器教程
{Learn X in Y minutes}
{PEAK <<<} [YAML] [Eurasia] [OpenREP] [PEAK使用] [Twisted] [ROOT] [Python Web服务] [TUT]Py的socket编程] ;Software Released by the MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange [mod_python]
{org.Python} [Py发行版 distribute] ;PyMOTW3:Python 3 Module of the Week ;PyMOTW:Python Module of the Week [Guido vn Rossum] [PEP] ;python的资源 ;PyReverse documentat [Py编程环境] [4codeMatter] [.py 库] [pyHOOK 鼠标键盘 监听] [Py多媒体处理] [文本处理] [HTML/XML] [PyTips] ;Python 历史书·GUI 部 [ibm~可爱的Python] ;Recipes « ActiveState Code ;网址缩短服务 [Zope.org] [Py领域实作] [@Ruslan Spivak 自制编译器/web srv.] [wiki引擎DIY] [MoinMoin] [Py0day 作品] [Py扩展开发] ;thumbpy - Google Code ;Flux-Regular
{中文处理} ;字符编码及Python中文处理精解 ;python之UTF-8解决方案 [判定/别 中文] ;为什么那么多网站钟情 UTF-8? [Py代码的编码] ;Python字符集编码和文件读写 ;你的python内部是用什么编码表示unicode的? ;Linux环境下轻松搞定文件编码 [Unicode] ;字符集.py pylib/字符集.py ;Python字符编码详解 ;解决python读取含BOM码文本问题 ;写了一个python版的汉字转拼音脚本 ;转]Python 中文正则笔记 ;周蟒中文程式語言的四不一沒有 [乱码大全] ;hzdq - Project Hosting on Google Code ;有关GB18030编码来由的传说 [史纪中文编码] ;字符编码笔记:ASCII,Unicode和UTF-8 ;Python中文全攻略 CSDN Blog推出文章指数概念,文章指数是对Blog文章综合评分后推算出的,综合评分项分别是该文章的点击量,回 ;文件编码问题~通解 [URL/I编码] [编码识别] [中文URL] [中文 CAPTCHA] ;batfree.混合字串统计 ;让机器人模块 PyAIML 平滑处理中文 ;一个文本折行的模块
{调试Py} ;better-exceptions Travis ;2018:Py开源项目 Top30 | 值得收藏 ;2018:Py开源项目 Top30 | 值得收藏 [FlameGraph 可视化性能分析] ;像老大一样调试Python ;如何调试Python程序(pdb使用手册) ;抛出异常时自动把你带到 IPython Shell 是不是很开心?而且和普通的IPython不同,这个时候可以调用 p (print), up( ;Understanding Python execution from inside: A Python assembly tracer [PuDB] [pdb] ;Python的调试 ;mod_python下的调试 ;[Python学习]Logging模块的简单使用 ;日志操作 [TestOOB]
{Py 优化-加速} [Grumpy] [与C同行] ;trace — Follow Program Flow [Numba] ;Instagram 在 PyCon 2017 的演讲摘要 [性能分析.py] ;Debugging an inactive python process ;Cashier <- 函式缓存 ;Using Uber's Pyflame and Logs to Tackle Scaling Issues ;Grumpy: Go running Python ;Tracking Down a Freaky Python Memory Leak ;5 projects that push Python performance [Py代码优化] ;Faster CPython [Faster CPython] ;Building Python modules with Go 1.5 ;gprof2dot [PyDB加速] [LLVM.py] ;How to Make Python Faster Without Trying That Much ;成人网站性能提升 20 倍之经验谈 [Python] - 开源中国 OSChina.NET ;High Performance Python tutorial v0.2 (from EuroPython 2011) ;提高Python程序的运行速度_winpub_新浪博客 ;http://mayoufour.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/mypylib/mypy/profile_middleware.py [CyToolz] ;snowball + Cython = PyStemmer ;加速Python运行的工具应用 收藏 [psyco] [PyRex] [shedskin]
{PEP8} ;How to Fix your Python Code's Style ;YAPF [gitlab-CI] ;JSON风格指南 ;Google 开源项目风格指南 (中文版) ;Shell 风格指南 - 内容目录 ;Python风格规范 [cyclomatic : 圈复杂度] ;用 Python 编写干净、可测试、高质量的代码 ;NASA的10条代码编写原则 [Pyflakes] ;Pycycle: Find and fix circular imports in python projects [PEP8 101] [pep8 同党] ;最恶劣的Python反模式 ;New-style and classic classes ;elements-of-python-style ;Pocoo Style Guide ;Google Python 风格指南 - 中文版 — Google Python 风格指南 - 中文版 v2.19 documentation ;Google 开源项目风格指南 (中文版) [pep8文案] ;pre-commit by Yelp ;pre-commit/pre-push: 本地在commit或者push的时候做各种检查(pep8/pylint/pyflakes8) ;编码规范集锦 - 技术讨论 - 云计算开发者社区 - Powered by Discuz! ;为什么谷歌要执行严格的代码编写规范 - 杂项其他 - python.cn(news, jobs) ;[原创]Python编程规范 - AKara - CSDN博客 ;简明 Python 编程规范v2 - 赖勇浩的编程私伙局 - CSDN博客 ;The Man Who Wasn't There » 给众大师所提倡的代码风格唱唱反调
{Google Style Guides}
{Go lang} [go.exe] [Effective Go] ;Learn Go in Y Minutes ;Learn Go in Y Minutes [gRPC] ;Awesome Go [Go理解] ;Google试验新语言——Go [Go 开发] ;大道至简 - SegmentFault [Mattermost<-开源的 Slack] ;The Go Programming Language [Go 8卦] [go 中国] [go 图书] ;Go编码规范指南 [Go 文档] [@STAT谢] [go 生态] [go 工具] [Go 运维] [GoRESTful] [go 4 media] [Go 实案] [GO’CIRCUIT] [Go+G+] [Go+GAE]
{Chrome} [Headless Chrome] ;像 Sublime Text 一样使用 Chrome DevTools [Chrome内置工具] [crx开发] ;Firfox « 徘徊在玻璃之城 [Chrome新闻] [toolchain] [SocketLog] ;Choosing an App Type [浏览器app.Store] [Chrome Web Store] [Cheome OS] [Chromebook Pixel] [Chrome扩展] [V8] [chromium开发]
{com.Google} ;真脏,Google 被指采用不正当手段搞垮微软 Edge [G故事] [G:>bye] ;值得订阅的 YouTube 频道,他们推荐了这些 [OKRs] [G文化] [G人才] [G思] ;code~WikiSyntax [Gmail] [G docs] [GAE] [G新品] [Google+] [DART language] [G.API] ;Google Help : Cheat Sheet [code.google] [DuckDuckGo] [G搜索tips] ;[Python Com学习]从Google Desktop说起 ;运维网:技术运用、架构、管理 :: 阅读主题 - Google技术交流会 - 搜索 海量数据管理 Google-OS(免费) ;雅虎挑战Google PR
{rMBPro.} [iTerm2] ;如何在 Mac 上使用表情符号、重音符号和其他符号 [Notes.app 备忘录] ;Mac远程控制windows10 [MAC生产力] ;Awesome Mac [MAC技巧集] [mac 文件共享访问] [mac 影音] [OS X版本] [MAC系统保养] [MBP硬件] [mac 移动硬盘] [Time Machine] [Mac AppStore] [iTunes] [macWriter] [MAC输入法] [Sublime Text] [VS Code] ;打造 Mac 下的完美开发环境 ;Mac for Developer v0.1 ;Awesome Mac [mac designer] ;Homebrew-cask 命令行安装Mac软件 [Mac工具集] ;在github上建立了一个项目: ;作为一个工具控!工具控啊! ;上面已经很详细了,在此补充一个神器。Better Touch Tool 下载地址:BetterTouchTool 触控板增强软件。 ;Liam Z 程序猿如何MAC ;彭猫 程序员如何优雅地使用 Mac ;Mac 冷门但是非常值得推荐的软件 [MacWacom] [MacShell] [Light Table] [MacPort]
{Choosy ~ 跨浏览器} ;Web apps as first-class citizens in OS X: Fluid + Slate + Choosy - hartley.io ;Set up Sublime Text to Preview Your Code in a Web Browser :: Scott Granneman ;Chrome V22 开始允许自定义扩展按钮的快捷键,实用爆了 | 谷奥——探寻谷歌的奥秘 ;Choosy:更智能的默认浏览器之道 – Mac玩儿法 ;Google 员工开发的超强 Chrome 快捷键扩展:Shortcut Manager | Chrome迷
{Apple开发者} ;Learn swift in Y Minutes ;Learn Objective-C in Y Minutes ;Jason|独立开发者:自由职业能最大化自己的价值 ;我总结的一套表单设计指南 ;Awesome-Apple ;让不懂编程的人爱上iPhone开发(系列1完结)-附pdf链接 (2013-03-26 23:12:32) ;说说编程语言和iOS开发的学习。 ;MORELESS [MAC开发工具] [Xcode] [Object-C] [Swift] [iOS 12.x] [iOS开发] [iOS 10] [iOS 8] ;美国账号注册教程: ;太惊人了,用redsn0w(超级有名的越狱工具)和Sogeti's Data Protection Tools(python编写,http:// ;Apple - 支持 - Apple ID ;支持站点地图 ;Apple Service Programs ;App Store 审核指南 - 苹果开发者联盟 ;参考库 - iOS ;苹果开发者联盟 - 苹果开发者计划
{@tinyfool} ;人人都有追求良好生活的权利 ;我前妻的故事(一个初中肄业生的奋斗) [@楠子] ;2014.2.23 到珠海见Tinyfool,老婆爆情史,再次排通 - OurCoders ;郝培强,iOS开发者,Tiny4cocoa创始人 ;图灵社区 : 阅读 : 创造的乐趣——专访郝培强(@Tinyfool) ;网站正式更名为OurCoders,我们将不再是一个iOS程序员为主的社区,而是欢迎各种程序员加入的家园 - OurCoders ;明天早晨出发带着公司的主程碎月成星和两个美女去香港玩,哈哈哈,在港的兄弟们欢迎在微博上预约饭局和聊天,我们应该白天都在各处玩,晚上应该有空一起吃
{com.APPLE} [iPad] [AppleID->iCloud] [MACnews] [MACthinking] [iPhone] [lovMAC] ;10个最流行免费的Mac OS文本编辑器 - 日志 - umltool - OPEN开源家园 - Powered by UCenter Home [XcodeGhost]
{AppStores} [AppStore加速] ;App Store 在中国改变算法,刷榜公司和手游从业者何去何从 [iOS推荐App.] ;理顺 Apple ID 和应用之间的关系 | Page to Page ;加入 OSX玩意 / OSXToy [iOS 上品] [AppStore妙软] [AppStore经验] ;揭竿起義,7款拒絕向Apple屈服的HTML5軟體_HTML5研究小组_HTML5教程_HTML5资源_HTML5游戏 [Store生态] ;iPhone 软件推荐 | 永远的阳阳猪 ;iOS 越狱者的故事 Nicholas-Comex – 爱范儿 · Beats of Bits ;iOS 越狱者的故事 Nicholas-Comex – 爱范儿 · Beats of Bits
{fb.github.io} ;Facebook:MVC不适合大规模应用,改用Flux [Flux+React]
{我的”怪癖” (作业) (2005-08-26 01:09:00)}
{希腊字母表及其读音与意义" 拼音版本}


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